What You Can Expect a Home Stager to Do For You

There are many benefits to professional home staging, such as increased buyer interest, a faster sale and even a higher final sale price. To maximize these benefits, you can hire a professional stager and choose the approach that works for you best.

For example, if you plan to stay in the home during the sales process, you can go for a walk-through consultation. A home stager will be able to provide a private consultation during which you can ask anything you want before listing your home. The stager will actually visit your home and give you specific recommendations for every room in the house. 

Another option is somewhat of an extension of the walk-through consultation, but rather than giving you verbal feedback, the stager will take pictures of your home and give you room to room recommendations in formal written form. The goal is to make your home feel more spacious, highlight its strengths, and use any existing furniture, hence saving you money from furniture rentals.  Get home staging courses here!

If you are no longer living in the home, you can have it full-staged with beautiful modern furnishings and decor before taking photos for listing. You can also have an open house and welcome viewings from potential buyers. The stager will tour the home and submit a staging plan for implementation. Be careful with stagers who work without a contract though. Professionals will always want everything in black and white, such as services to be provided, the contract period and the cost.

If you're happy with how your home looks but don't want to miss any details, you can hire a stager and pay by the hour. This pro can assist you with your open house, especially if your listing is FSBO (for sale by owner), and offer tips on preparing your home for listing photos.  Learn more about home staging at http://www.ehow.com/how_4424632_make-money-real-estate.html .

Finally, if you're confident about your home's interior but not outside, you can also hire a stager to help you out. As you may have heard before, curb appeal is very important because most buyers start out by driving by a property they're interested in before calling the owner. If your house looks unattractive from the outside, it can be a major turnoff. The god news is it's usually easy to freshen your curb appeal. It can take no more than a little grass trimming or a new coat of paint on your exterior. As expected, a professional stager can help you with this. Know about home staging certification program here!